The day went something like this...

I started the day with the lads and it became quickly apparent that I'd just be wound up at every possible chance, and I'd have it no other way! After witnessing the level of banter often reserved for the closest of friends, Al and the boys went to the pub, and I popped to Brocco to meet Sarah and the girls.

Weddings in Ecclesall Woods

Weddings in Ecclesall Woods happen at the Woodland Discovery Centre. Buried deep in the woodland, it's the perfect setting for a woodland wedding, without having to leave the city!

Once the ceremony was done, we headed down the road to another clearing in the woods to start the party!

Whilst the guest were chatting, I took Al and Sarah away for some portraits, and to give them a few moments to themselves. As you can see, they made the most of it!

A tipi is a perfect place to hold a wedding reception, and the catering was great...

The speeches had lots of laughs, and a fair amount of finger pointing

With the formalities out of the way, all that was left to do was PARTY!

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