Colourful & Authentic Wedding Photography

(In Sheffield and beyond)

Real moments.

No cheese.

That's not to say I don't see the value in some formal shots of you and your family, but I'm more about those real laughs, the nervous glances, the tears... I want you to look back at your photos and remember exactly how you were feeling. That's the magic!

Weddings are fun!

Your photos should reflect that.

Sheffield wedding photography for people who hate to pose, but love to party.

My wedding day was the best day ever. I married my best friend, in front of 145 of our loved ones, and by the end of the day my face ached from smiling, and I was addicted to weddings. That feeling you get when you are surrounded by love is truly special, and it was then that I decided that I would spend the rest of my career capturing those feelings for other couples.

I specialise in documenting moments, it’s sometimes called ‘reportage’ or ‘documentary style’ and basically means that I set out to photograph a wedding exactly how it happened, so that when a couple look back at their photos for years to come, they get the same feelings they had on their wedding day. It’ll be exactly how they remember it.

Hey, I'm Nate.

This is the bit where I tell you a bit about me I suppose...

On your wedding day, I’m that calmness you are looking for when it’s all getting a bit much. That experienced pair of hands when you haven’t tied a tie since school and you are frantically scouring YouTube for ‘how to tie a Windsor knot’  (I can tie a tie 5 different ways I think, and my personal favourite is an Eldridge knot). I’ll do my best impression of a bridesmaid and show you how best to hold your flowers, and what speed to walk at down the aisle, although everyone will inevitably run and forget to look up and smile, that’s just how it goes.

I’m also really discrete, and not in your face. I’m like a 6ft 6 ninja, all clad in black with the latest pair of retro Air Jordans. My aim is to not interfere with the day at all and just lurk in the background capturing the happiness.

Let's Talk About Your Wedding

Whether your wedding is a tiny elopement, or a multi-day festival that the whole town is attending, I'd love to find out more!
Drop me a line below and we can chat over a brew (or a cocktail if you'd prefer).

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