CoupleVictoria & Steel ring from Tiago / Vintage ring from Edward JamesDressWtoo Watters from The White YardSuitSuit from Next, tie from T.M.

The day went something like this...

I arrived at Sheffield Botanical Gardens early (because that's how I roll) and was greeted by no-one... Because Sammy and the boys were late. I checked in with Victoria and she wasn't surprised because it turns out, Sammy is pretty laid back! - A theme that would run throughout this day it seemed. These guys are so chilled out and lovely that I know it was going to be one hell of a wedding.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Vicky and Sammy's relaxed Sheffield Botanical Gardens wedding was held in the central dome in front of their nearest and dearest.
Sheffield Botanical Gardens first opened in 1836 and the stunning glass pavilions are 90 metres long containing thousands of panes of hand blown glass - The perfect spot for a wedding in Sheffield!

The grounds of the Botanical Gardens really are a fantastic place for some portraits.

Once we'd got the portraits and group shots out of the way, we all jumped on the private bus to Trafalgar Warehouse.

We arrived at Trafalgar Warehouse and got settled in for the speeches.

When all the speeches were over, we headed to the dance floor for the party...

The rest as they say, is history. Trafalgar Warehouse always brings the party!

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