The day went something like this...

Emily and the girls were getting ready at the family home in Woodseats, Sheffield. Stevie spent the hours before the wedding with them, whilst I headed straight to the church to meet Luke and the chaps.

grandad fastens jacket for a tipi wedding in the peak district
bridesmaid paints her toenails as prep for a wedding
how to attach a buttonhole

Weddings at St. Chads Church in Woodseats

The wedding was a traditional church ceremony, but as both Luke and Emily both work as musical theatre performers, two of their friends performed a song for them.

After the ceremony was done, we headed into the peak district to the tipi to await Luke and Emily's arrival

Emily and Luke arrived, so lined up to shower them in confetti. Pro tip: When you are throwing confetti at people to celebrate their love, throw the confetti above them, rather than directly into their faces! (see the full gallery below and you'll get what I mean).

Everyone settled down and the speeches got underway.

It was time for Emily and Luke's first dance - check out all those smiles!

As is the way with most weddings, when ties end up around heads rather than necks, it's time for me to leave!

Check out the full gallery below.

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