Show Me The Money

When I was planning my wedding and searching google for Sheffield wedding photographer prices, I know how frustrating it was looking for suppliers, and falling in love with them only to find out they are way out of your price range!

With that in mind, check out my packages below.

The 'As Long As It Takes' Package

Per Day

I love every part of a wedding, and want to photograph all parts of yours for you!
My decision to only offer one package means I’m there to get shots of you both getting ready… as well as shots of you getting shots.

Some people don’t see the point of getting photos of themselves before the wedding, but this is a part of the day that your partner will never see. I’ve also had some of the most memorable moments and shared looks during prep, so I can’t stress its value enough.

I know some other photographers leave after the first dance. I don’t. The dance floor is my happy place. I’ll be there to catch all of the action, the photos of grandparents doing awkward dances, and my best buds doing shots are some of my favourite photos of my wedding. I want to be there to get photos of your nan doing jagerbombs! Once ties are wrapped around heads, and people start getting a bit sweaty, I’ll just disappear stealthily and leave you to enjoy your night.

How About 2 Photographers?


Two photographers for the most awesome day of your life! Having two photographers means extra photos obviously, but it also means shots of both of you getting ready – even in vastly different places. We can literally be in two places at once.

I work with different pro photographers around the UK meaning that wherever your wedding is, I’ve got the perfect second photographer for your wedding day.

How About An Album?


An album is the perfect way to enjoy the photos of your wedding day for years to come.

I can only give a ‘starting from’ price as there are hugely customisable options available.

You can choose either a 10x10inch, or a 12x12inch album and a huge variety of variables such as paper type, embossing, round corners or sharp corners… The possibilities are vast!

How About A Pre-Wedding Shoot?


Do you hate having your picture taken?

Relax, most people do! A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to get used to someone pointing a camera at you.

You’ll also get some great photos to celebrate your engagement, and upcoming wedding . We can go somewhere pretty, or somewhere personal to you, and just hang out. And I’ll take some photos too!