I had the absolute pleasure of shooting this wedding with my good chum Bhavna Barratt. Kelham Hall is a fantastic venue and I’ve been dying to shoot there for ages! This wedding had everything, tremendous venue, the warmest, caring people, and the main reason I started shooting weddings in the first place… Happiness!

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The day went something like this...

I started the day in Leicester being welcomed by Manish's family. The house was a hive of excitement, there was a lot going on. Manish prayed, there was a special drink, a coconut was cracked under the wheel of the car. Soon though, we were on the way to Kelham Hall.

Kelham Hall, Newark

Kelham Hall is the perfect venue for Asian Weddings with a choice of State Rooms suitable for up to 700+ guests. The Great Hall easily fit all of the guests and had room to spare.

Anyway, I was telling you a story about how the day went.

Once we arrived at Kelham Hall, friends and family gathered outside to welcome Manish in with gifts, drums and dancing... this wedding had so much dancing!
Perhaps I should explain, incase you aren't yet familiar (like I wasn't before the day) a traditional Hindu ceremony has 7 stages.

Luckily for me, Krupa and Manish are big into their design, and created some amazing stationery detailing exactly how the day was going to play out.

Not detailed below are the traditional games and rituals for example, Manish, like the typical Hindu Groom wore Joota, embroidered Indian footwear, on the day of his wedding. These shoes play a role in a jovial ritual that takes place following the ceremony. A tradition dating back for centuries in Indian marriage customs, the Joota Chupai.

The sole purpose of this tradition is to steal the Groom’s shoes, once he takes them off as part of South Asian custom, as he makes his way to the Mandap. Krupa's sisters, cousins, friends and other female relatives, collective hid the shoes. Manish had to pay to get them back after the marriage ceremony... he needed his shoes to leave the venue after all.

The 7 steps of a Hindu wedding

Click the different headings below for a bit of info

1. Baraat - The Groom's arrival

Manish and his family and friends arrive in celebration with the Jaan.

2. Ponhkhana - The Groom's welcome

Krupa's family greet the Jaan and Krupa's mother welcome's Manish to the Mandap.

3. Ganesh Pooja - The first prayer

The wedding Ceremony begins with a prayer to Lord Ganesh who is the remover of all obstacles.

4. Madhuparka - Offering of Milk & Honey

Krupa's parents welcome Manish and offer him Madhuparka (a mixture of sugar, honey, yoghurt, milk & ghee).

5. Kanya Agaman - Bride's arrival

Krupa is escorted to the Mandap by her mamas (maternal uncles). An Antarpat (shawl) is held up by Manish's family to prevent him from seeing Krupa until she is under the mandap.

6. Jai Mala - Exchanging Garlands

Krupa and Manish exchange floral garlands.

7. Kanya Daan - The giving away of the Bride.

Krupa's parents give her away by placing her palm into Manish's palm (Hasta Melap).

After the ceremony, (and Manish had paid to get his shoes back), thankfully it briefly stopped raining, so we popped out for some portraits in the grounds. It was so nice outdoors in fact, that we did it later in the day too!

After the portraits were done, we headed back inside for food. My goodness the food was amazing! Once everyone had a suitably full belly, Krupa and Manish had an outfit change, and the evening festivities commenced.

You know what I needed after all that food earlier in the day? You guessed it, More food! Luckily there were some great speeches before the food arrived.

I honestly had, the best time with these guys at their wedding, and I was so happy I got to work with my good friend Bhavna again at their incredible wedding.

Check out the rest of the highlights below

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