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I cover other places too obviously, but primarily Sheffield is where I do my thing.

If you want a discrete wedding photographer, someone who doesn’t try to take over your day, someone who instead of bossing around your guests, blends in with them, parties with them. If you want a person wont take you away from your family and friends for ages for a high production fashion shoot, with formal posed picture after picture, but prefers to instead tell the story of your wedding in an honest, emotional and beautiful way – then I’m your guy.

As a photographer, I am always focused on capturing the moments, it’s sometimes called ‘reportage’ or ‘documentary style’ and basically means that I set out to photograph a wedding exactly how it happened.

When you look back at your photos throughout your marriage, you’ll get the same feelings you had on your wedding day.

Since relocating my wedding photography business to Sheff Vegas a couple of years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of documenting some incredible weddings for some amazing couples in a wide range of spaces. Sheffield has a bounty of beautiful wedding venues to choose from. Whether you want to get married in a stately home like Whirlowbrook Hall or Whitley Hall, or prefer something more industrial like 92 Burton Road, 99 Mary Street or Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield has it all! It is also home to one of the most unique wedding venues in South Yorkshire, Abbeydale Picture House – a re-purposed 1920s cinema!

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Unposed Moments

Capturing moments of joy
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Bespoke hand-made albums
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The Best Lenses To Photograph A Wedding

There is a lot of debate about the best way to photograph a wedding, and in particular if prime lenses are better than zoom lenses.

Prime lenses are on the whole smaller, lighter, and ‘faster’ (the aperture opens wider to let in more light) than zooms. This is important if you want to get that ‘blurry background’ look, which is caused by opening the aperture of the lens as much as possible, to something like f1.8 or f1.4 – which in turn gives you a much shallower depth of field to work with. That dreamy bokeh (official camera lingo) is wonderful, but it comes at a cost. The shallower the depth of field, the less in focus the rest of the image is, meaning missing some details. This can be a good thing if you want to obscure things in the background, and it makes fairy lights looks mega.

Prime lenses definitely serve a purpose and certainly have their advantages, but they aren’t always perhaps suited for fast moving moments where you need to be closer or further from the action in a split second.

Fast pro level zoom lenses (the kind I use) have a maximum aperture of f2.8 and when shot wide open create a great separation between the focus of the image, be it a bride, groom or guest, and the background. The glass focuses quickly and produces fantastic results… but these lenses aren’t what I would call discrete!

For this reason, I use both prime and zoom lenses when photographing a wedding, and feel confident in my ability to document all of the moments and details in the best way possible… because my kit bag has the right lens for job.

Let's Talk About Your Wedding

Whether your wedding is a tiny elopement, or a multi-day festival that the whole town is attending, I'd love to find out more!
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