Sh*t Just Got Real.

You're planning your wedding, and you want it to be perfect. But is a wedding photographer really worth the money? You've already got Uncle Bob who's a pretty good amateur photographer, and he's offering to take pictures for free. So... why hire a professional wedding photographer? Well, let's look at the facts!

Reason 1 to hire a professional wedding photographer

They Document Every Part Of Your Special Day

This one might seem obvious, but it needs to be said – a wedding photographer will capture all of your special moments on your big day so that they can be remembered forever! We know that your wedding day will fly by, and you won’t want any of those precious moments to slip away due to forgetfulness or busyness. A skilled photographer can document every single moment, from first look photos with your partner to candid shots captured during the reception. And don’t forget about all of those little details – from the centre-pieces to the boutonnieres – that make up such a big part of your day!

Reason 2 to hire a professional wedding photographer

They can help you stay calm!

Weddings come with their own unique set of stresses and anxieties, so having an experienced photographer on hand can help you relax knowing that someone else has got this part handled for you! A good wedding photographer will know what kind of shots they need to take in order to make sure everything looks great in the final photos, which takes some of the pressure off you as you focus on enjoying yourself with friends and family throughout the day.

Reason 3 to hire a professional wedding photographer

The Photos Are What Keep The Memories Alive

Last but certainly not least is that wedding photographers provide amazing keepsakes for years down the road! Imagine being able to look back at pictures of your wedding day 10 or 20 years later and still feeling just as much joy as when it first happened – now THAT’S priceless! And with today’s technology, there are so many ways for you to display your photos; prints, albums, canvases…the possibilities are endless. With a good photographer at work capturing all of those special memories, you’ll have beautiful reminders from one of the biggest days in your life for years and years down the road!

TL:DR - Professional Wedding Photography is totally worth it.

Hiring a wedding photographer isn’t just about having beautiful photos – it’s about capturing moments that you can look back on. The right photographer will help keep you relaxed, take control when necessary, while also blending seamlessly into your day. So go ahead – hire yourself a good one (my suggestion would be me obviously).

Trust me, it won’t be something you regret!

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